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1) How important is it for me to know all my rep? Can I work from my copy?

No. When you submit your bids you agree to learn your music. The reason is two fold:

i) If you do not know your rep you will certainly be letting others down who have spent time and money learning theirs. It will slow down any work you do together.

ii) When you are working on your songs and staged arias your tutors and pianists are there to help you with interpretation, not learning notes. If you do not know your music you will not benefit from their input. Every year many students tell us how much more they would have got from the course if they had been suitably prepared!
As is the custom in performance you may hold your oratorio score.

2) What happens if I miss deadlines?

If you miss payment deadlines (i.e. non-returnable deposit and final balance) we do not know whether you are coming. The only way to guarantee your place on the course is by meeting these deadlines. If you miss them you are taken off the participants’ list and will have to reapply. We do this because we need to know definite numbers well in advance in order to be able to make up our programme of activities.

If you miss deadlines for submission of repertoire or bids it slows down the whole process of casting. It is unfair to those who have bid in time and want to get on with their preparation that others should hold them back. At IVM all our actions affect others.

Remember too that we work by e-mail only. All deadlines and reminders are sent out this way. It is your responsibility to ensure you have IT access to keep up with developments.

3) What do I need to bring?

Your music! As for accommodation, towels are provided, as are washing and ironing facilities. For most of your time you will need comfortable, casual clothes and something more formal/glamorous for the Cabaret.  Consider too what you might want to wear for opera or oratorio performances. (white or black shirts/trouser/skirts are a useful standby).