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IVM annual Summer Course 2009

In 2009 IVM celebrates its 10th annnual summer course. It offers exceptional value through the opportunity to study in detail a wide range of vocal music, facilitated by high quality tutors in a friendly and supportive atmosphere. As ever, there will be frequent performance opportunities in a variety of situations and an enviable student-tutor ratio. 

Saturday, August 1st - Saturday, August 8th 2009
Arrive: Friday July 31st afternoon/evening
Depart: Sunday August 9th morning.
Non-resident registration: 10.00am Saturday August 1st.
Start time: 10.30am Saturday August 1st.

In our exciting new venue: Click here for more information

NUI Maynooth, Co Kildare.

Tutors and Pianists for 2009:
Chris Cowell, Bernadette Iglich, Roberto Recchia, Mark Shanahan, Sheila McCarthy, Brian MacKay,  Richard Wilkins, Frances Kelleher, Nicole Panizza, Patrick MacBeth, Hazel Ramsay, Jon French.

New in 2009:
IVM 2009 will initiate our mentoring scheme designed to develop the interest of a younger generation of singers.  The out-reach programme which began last year will be expanded significantly, offering more performance opportunities to participants and bringing vocal music to as wide an audience as possible in the area surrounding the venue.  A new class with Bernadette Iglich is being planned which will explore the possibilties of movement as a route to more effective singing and performance.

Opera scenes: Chris Cowell , Bernadette Iglich, Roberto Recchia
Opera scenes will be rehearsed with a director, music coach and repetiteur and performed at the end of the week. Applicants will be asked to fill in a detailed information sheet about their experience and preferences in order that we can make the best possible casting decisions. We are reducing some other aspects of the course this year in order to allow for more detailed musical and staging work on the opera scenes. A completely new feature will be the addition of an extra music call in the middle of the week. At this rehearsal, coaching will be available from one of the two opera conductors, Mark Shanahan and Brian MacKay.
To view Opera Scenes Repertoire suggestions click here

Opera Arias Staged: Chris Cowell , Bernadette Iglich, Roberto Recchia
Develop your interpretation and performance of opera arias through staging.  Our tutors, who represent a wide variety of experience in the world of opera, music and theatre, bring their own particular expertise and perspective to this class. Two opera arias per student may be studied on this course. It is very important to make a good choice of repertoire for this course so that you will gain the maximum from the session. Please ask our advice if you are unsure. Students will choose their own aria repertoire well in advance of the course and will be expected to present arias from memory.
To submit Aria Repertoire click here (not available yet)
You may only submit repertoire after you have been accepted on the course and paid your deposit.

Interpretation of Song: Brian MacKay, Mark Shanahan
This class addresses the particular requirements of the song repertoire. Each student will have the opportunity to sing in two song classes, one with each of the tutors. Choice of repertoire will be free this year. We suggest that you choose repertoire that you are preparing for a particular purpose, for example a recital or exam. Students will have the opportunity to perform one of their songs in a 'Sing a Song at Six' if they wish. Class sessions in 2009 will be a little longer than in previous years which may leave some spare time.  Participants may bring with them a reserve song which may be worked on if time permits.
Click here to Submit Song Rep (not available yet)
You may only submit repertoire after you have been accepted on the course and paid your deposit.

Singing and Movement: Bernadette Iglich
Students may bring repertoire of their choice to this new class which will explore the relationship between movement and singing.  Bernadette has a great deal of experience working with singers and has been involved in many projects which have explored the relationship between the singing voice and movement. Here is her own description of how she sees this class: "This is a session where, together, we will explore how to feel the voice and music through the body. Using a song or aria with which you are very familiar, possibly one you have worked on in another session, and using images and physical ideas, we will try to discover how to move away form the use of the mind and towards the use of the body to explore the emotional narrative and character in your piece. The aim is to engage in a process of discovery rather than to have a defined outcome."

Stage Craft: Chris Cowell, Roberto Recchia
This class is open to all on a 'drop-in when available' basis. The class covers a wide range of topics and techniques pertinent to the requirements of the singer on stage.

Movement: Bernadette Iglich
This class is open to all on a 'drop-in' basis and will concentrate on movement and the use of the body as it applies to singers and performance. 

Specialists in French, German, Italian and Russian are available for short, private consultations on repertoire being studied.

Cabaret - Richard Wilkins:
Singers are invited to offer music suitable for a ‘cabaret style’ performance. This is an informal class, which will not take time from other courses. Students will be invited to submit two suggestions from which Richard will choose a programme. Some ensemble music will also be included.
Click here to submit repertoire suggestions. (not available yet)
You may only submit repertoire after you have been accepted on the course and paid your deposit.

Technique Clinic with Sheila McCarthy
Students will be able to sign up for a session with Sheila to discuss particular technical issues if they wish to. Sheila has many years' experience as a Teacher of Singing and has particular skills in diagnosing and helping with technical problems.

Reflexology, Personal Development and Meditation: Vaughn Malcolm
Sessions will be available by arrangement at an extra cost of €35.00 per session for Reflexology and Personal Development. 20 minute Meditation sessions take place at the start of the day and are free for those who wish to join in.

'Sing a Song at Six'
Short, informal song recitals of three or four songs each will run throughout the week.  These will take place at various times throughout the day. Students may put forward any song which they are studying on the course for inclusion in a performance. Participation will be open to all but will not be compulsory.

'Motets in the Morning'
Start the day singing together with other students. Twenty minutes warming up the voice, ears and musical sensibilities singing motets chosen from one of the greatest treasure troves of Western Music and from a period when the voice was considered the primary musical instrument. This event will take place early each morning. Participation will be optional and listeners will be welcome.

Course costs:
IVM is very much aware that the current economic situation is causing difficulties for everyone and has decided, in spite of rising costs, to keep the basic cost of the course the same as last year. In view of the fact that Maynooth offers a considerable increase in standards of accommodation and catering as well as first rate musical facilities, this represents extremely good value for money.
Residential: €780 Full Board
Non-resident: €580
A range of accommodation options is available offering a reduction for sharing or luxury en-suite rooms at extra cost.
Click here for details

Singers who are not previously known to IVM will be asked to send a CD or MP3 file of a recent performance.

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